Through our vision and mission, PT Trans Power Marine Tbk, continues to grow and prosper and is dedicated to providing added value for our customers and stakeholders through our reliable services. To achieve sustainable business growth, TPM is supported by approximately 100 employees and 500 crews who are highly skilled marine professionals.

We currently own, operate and manage more than 60 sets of tugs and barges and several floating cranes. At TPM, we take on the responsibility of managing the logistics scope of our clients’ business so that they can focus on their core business. We believe in maintaining open communication with our clients so as to provide a mutually beneficial partnership. Our main aim is to provide a sustainable and long-term profit for our customers in the face of a fast changing business environment.

TPM strongly believes that our people are our asset. We therefore encourage a culture of continuous training of skill sets and strive to create a safe working environment for everyone. Personnel undertake regular training to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest marine standards and skills so as to provide our clients with an all rounded service and experience.

Our strategy of providing innovative, tailored solutions and investing in our people remains the corner stone of our success. We will continue to charter a sustainable growth path for PT Trans Power Marine Tbk into a significant logistics company that will benefit all stakeholders, communities, employees and the environment.

To become a renowned professional company with added value in the field of bulk goods transportation services, especially coal.
  • Providing the best services to customers.
  • Providing benefits and added values to stakeholders.
Operation Area

Our Operating Area: 

Sumatera - Java - Kalimantan - Sulawesi - Etc

South East Asia
Vietnam - Thailand - Philippines - Etc 

We also open up new areas of operation in accordance with customer demand.
TPM participate and contribute either directly or indirectly in improving the lives of local people and contribute to the economic growth, especially in the areas which the Company operates including Banjarmasin, Tarakan, Kumai, Cilacap and Cilegon. 

Some of the CSR programs of TPM participate in include :

• Significantly contribute to the improvement of the livelihood of local communities, such as providing basic food assistance to residents; provide scholarships and school supplies to local schools.
• Obtain “social license to operate” which are manifested by no disturbance, community supports, and great sense of belonging from community to the TPM’s operation.